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Where is the Probation Department located?

The Brown County Adult Probation Department is located at Brown County Common Pleas Courthouse, 101 S. Main St., 1st Floor, Georgetown, OH. 45121.

What should I do if I know an offender who has violated the terms of his/her probation or has an active warrant for their arrest from the Probation Department?


Violations of probation vary on a case by case basis, as all offenders do not have the same conditions to abide by.  If you believe that someone you know has violated  probation or has an active warrant, you may call that offender’s probation officer at (937) 378-3233.  As violations of probation must be documented and verified, please be aware that probation officers must take certain steps before acting on the information you provide.


I am a victim of crime and am owed restitution.  How do I collect what is owed to me?


Contact the Brown County Prosecutor’s Office, Victim Advocate, at (937) 378-4151; they will advise you of the defendant’s case status.  Probation will make all reasonable efforts to collect the restitution that is ordered.


How many offenders are on probation?


The Brown County Adult Probation Department supervises approximately 380 offenders, with 97% of them being felony offenders.


What is the difference between probation and parole?


The main difference between the two is that probation (or community control) is a court sanction of community supervision in lieu of a prison sentence.  Parole (or post-release control) is granted after an offender has served a set prison term, and then released under certain guidelines.


What are the requirements to become a Probation Officer?


Any combination of education, training, and work experience which indicates possession of the minimum requirements for the position together with certification as an Ohio Peace Officer or any combination of education, training, and work experience which indicates possession of the minimum requirements for the position and successful completion of the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training within a specified period of time.


How does one find out which Probation Officer supervises a particular offender?


In order to determine an offender’s Probation Officer, you must call the Probation Department at (937) 378-3233 during regular business hours.  It is necessary that you know the complete proper spelling of the offender’s name.  It is also helpful if the offender’s date of birth and/or social security number is known.


What are the Probation Department’s hours of operation?


The Brown County Adult Probation Department’s normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The department is closed for business on all legal holidays.


How can one get access to Court entries relating to a case or find out an offender’s court date?


These questions can be answered by contacting the Brown County Court of Common Pleas Clerk’s Office at (937) 378-3100.

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